Verona universal bike carrier aluminium tube

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Anodised aluminium rear bike carrier for up to 3 bikes. Fits most cars and accepts all types of bikes (purchase removable cross bar ref.395 for womens and full suspension bikes). Supplied with 3 pairs of bike cradles and strass. Lower strps have antibounce fail-safe system for extra safety. Quick and easy to install and remove. The rear lights must be visible at all times, if obscure use a separate lighting board. ( Art.394)

product code 382/A - 382/ASC
material ALUMINIUM DIAM.30
max number of bikes 3
max individual bike weight (kg) 15
bike fitment FRAME
max size frame section (mm) 60
max bike size (inch) 29"
max widht bike wheel (mm) ALL
max distance between bike wheels (mm) ALL
distance between bike carrier trails (mm) N.A.
frame protective system OK
locking bike to rack NO
distance between tube arms for bike frame support (mm) 330
product size (mm) ART.382/A 80*54*38 ART.382/ASC 75*48*12
product weight (kg) ART.382/A 4,22 ART.382/ASC 4,66
tested according to NO
packaging ART.382/A SHRINK WRAP ART.382/ASC BOX