BdG - Bassano del Grappa

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BdG is the “single” biker solution.
• Rigid top fixing brackets;
• Lower straps anti-bounce system;
• 2 straps tested at 250 kilos each;
• All 4 tempered hooks tested at 350 kilos each;
• Steel buckles;
• Patented shock absorbing frame support;
• Doubly safe with extra safety strap fixed to frame;
• Easy to use.

product code 381
material STEEL DIAM.25
colour WHITE
max number of bikes 1
max individual bike weight (kg) 17
bike fitment FRAME
max size frame section (mm) 60
max bike size (inch) 29"
max widht bike wheel (mm) ALL
max distance between bike wheels (mm) ALL
distance between bike carrier trails (mm) N.A.
frame protective system OK
locking bike to rack NO
distance between tube arms for bike frame support (mm) 400
product size (mm) 40*45*20
product weight (kg) 2.91
tested according to NO
packaging BOX