Unique and patented, the Pure Instinct changes the rules. No more stretching to tighten up knobs and to lock to the bike frame, the Pure
Instinct roof carrier is as simple as it can be.  Just push the bike frame towards the arm head and it snaps shut locking itself to the frame. 
To release there is a handy lever lower down so removing your bike is as easy as ABC.

· Quick and easy to attach to roof bars, ‘T’ adaptors are included; For squared bars art 875 is needed as optional
· The 360° rotation of the arm head means it easier to attach in many   different points and allows you to mount the bike facing either direction;
  The automatic locking system makes this ideal for carbon frame bikes;
· The arm system has an adjustable clutch mechanism to hold it in the right place whilst you load your bike;
· Works with 12” to 29” frames and frames from 22 to 50 mm dia.;
. Track in aluminium and the same in anti-scratch paint;
· Wheel holders have easy to use ratchet straps;
· Secure - locks bike to carrier and carrier to roof bar;
. Rubber protection at all contact points, frame to grab arm, wheels to holders and carrier to bars;
· TUV/GS and ISO 11154:2006 (quasi static test) approval for bikes up to 20 kg.

product reference 710
max number of bikes 1
bike fitment FRAME
max individual bike weight (kg) 20
max size frame section (mm) 50 on frame, universal under saddle
max widht bike wheel 70
disc brakes compatible OK
wheel support length (mm) 1250
max carry bar width (mm) 80 (for bars over 80 Kit for "T" bars included)
t section adaptor compatible Included
downhill accessory compatibility (art.407) NO
locking bike to rack OK
locking rack to car OK
product size (mm) 136*33*10
product weight (kg) 4.7
tested according to ISO/PAS - QUASI STATIC TEST
packaging BOX