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Max total load (kg)

Max size frame section (cm)

Max tyre width (cm)

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Carbon frame friendly

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Thru axle accessory compatibility

We are sorry but no bars are compatible with your car

Unfortunately none of our rear bike carriers is suitable for your car. It's due to the presence of plastic/not metallic part where it's not possible to hang to.

You should choose a roof or a tow ball bike rack.

You can always find an alternative:

Frequently Asked Questions

I prodotti da tetto sono universali per barre con spessore fino a 7 cm, tutti i prodotti con attacco al telaio o a pedivella hanno la possibilità di applicare il kit per cava a T. Sul sito sono elencati dal top di gamma al più economico.

The T cave is a groove most of aluminium roof bars have. Those have a cave which is not full if you take off cups.

The difference between 2 materials is the quality of the material (aliminium is more expensive than steel), moreover aluminium if scratched it can't rust as steel do. Anyway, if the product is intact it has the same weather resistance

We suggest you to check: Max distance between bike wheels (cm), Max tyre width (cm), if you prefer bike carriers with frame fixing we suggest you to  check: Distance between tube arms for bike frame support (cm)

Roof bike carriers are universal for roof bars up to 8 cm width. you can find all products on this page and compare products

We don't sell our products, we just offer spare parts and accessories to guarantee everybody availability of parts. You can find all spare parts on our shop.