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We are sorry but no bars are compatible with your car

Unfortunately none of our rear bike carriers is suitable for your car. It's due to the presence of plastic/not metallic part where it's not possible to hang to.

You should choose a roof or a tow ball bike rack.

You can always find an alternative:

Frequently Asked Questions

If your car is equipped with tow-ball you can choose among all of our towball bike carriers. Our towball carriers are universal for European Standard towhooks.

If your car has towball you have to check that the towball is completely external to the spare wheel. If so, you can apply all of our towball bike carriers, if not, you can just apply Siena model, but you will loose the first bike place.

If you need towball bike carriers you should have a look at Pure instinct 2 bikes art 708 o Zephyr 2 or 3 bikes, art 713 o 713/3, because they have an increased distance between rails and can load up to 60 kgs.

Our towball bike carriers are: Zephyr, Pure Instinct, Parma and Siena. Are suitable with all European standard towballs. Products are listed from the top of the range to the cheapest one: Lo Zephyr is fully assempled and accessorized with loading ramp and locking knobs, Pure Instinct is fully assembled, compact and foldable. All arms and also locking cable are includede. Parma is quick and easy to fit (as Pure Instinct and Zephyr).
 Siena is the cheapest one

You don't need any insurance, it must be applied on a homologated tow hook. All of our bike carriers equipped with light and plate have been homologated You can download homologation document on the "certificate" section of your product.

It depends on your country street code, in Italy you can replicate plate number by applying special stickers on the yellow plate.

It depends on your country street code, we suggest you to contact the institution in charge

This problem might be due to the first regulation. Please read manual user to see all steps. Also tow hook must be clean.

We suggest you to check: Max distance between bike wheels (cm), Max tyre width (cm), if you prefer bike carriers with frame fixing we suggest you to  check: Distance between tube arms for bike frame support (cm)

The difference between 2 materials is the quality of the material (aliminium is more expensive than steel), moreover aluminium if scratched it can't rust as steel do. Anyway, if the product is intact it has the same weather resistance

We don't sell our products, we just offer spare parts and accessories to guarantee everybody availability of parts. You can find all spare parts on our shop.